Indiana law enforcers pull extra shifts to help police Boone County after deputy slain

A Whitestown Police Department vehicle patrols a neighborhood. (WISH Photo)

LEBANON, Ind. (WISH) — Since the weekend, agencies across Indiana have helped patrol Boone County as the sheriff’s office mourns.

That’s only going to expand Deputy Jacob Pickett‘s funeral nears. The services and funeral procession will be Friday.

Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, Indiana State Police and Whitestown and Zionsville police departments are taking extra shifts at places where the Boone County Sheriff’s Office may typically respond.

The tragic loss of Pickett has rocked the Boone County Sheriff’s Office, but Sheriff Mike Nielsen said over the weekend they still have a job to do: Protect Boone County. That’s why these agencies are stepping up.

It’s been tough on all the local law enforcement.

“We’re drained,” said Sgt. Ben Phelps of Lebanon Police, who is covering follow-ups and logistical details usually handled by the county. “The officers are tired, they’re exhausted but they still come out and do their job. They still give it 100 percent.”

All the extra effort has been noticed by county residents including Jenn Wolfe.

“Coming from a police family and having a brother who is a police officer, it’s really important to me that we support our police especially in this time,” she said.

Wolfe said helicopters and special-tactics teams rocked a usually quite Lebanon on Friday.

“It was a little terrifying driving through town seeing AR-15s in police officers’ hands. I had never seen that before,” she said.

Her trust in her local police has not changed, but Wolfe said law enforcement across Indiana coming together has made a difference.

“Having people that they trust taking care of their community and I think that’s great,” she said.

Those outside agencies will be ramping up their patrols starting Thursday night, as the Boone County Sheriff’s Office and other local departments, including the Lebanon and Whitestown police departments, go to Pickett’s funeral.

Lebanon’s Sgt. Phelps said if a person calls police at one of these agencies on Thursday night or Friday, there won’t be a delay in service. It just may be law enforcement in another uniform showing up.