Local artist changing pothole problems into creative photographs

Creative photo of pothole. (Provided Photo/Chris Bucher)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A local photographer in Indianapolis is putting a unique spin to the city’s pothole problem.

He is turning the craters that cause many people frustration into works of art.

Chris Bucher takes a daily walk downtown with his dog George. Recently he noticed how bad the pothole problem had become.

So, one day he decided to bring his camera along for the walk.

“I would just put a car or two in my pocket with my camera and if I saw something that worked and if I felt like it was safe enough to take a picture in the street then we just did a photo there,” said commercial photographer Chris Bucher.

One thing led to another with the help of a family member.

“I kind of raided my nephews toy chest, got some cars and some other toys,” he added.

He has snapped some pretty creative photos.

“It was a way to kind of poke fun at a fairly serious issue. I’ve had several friends who have lost more than one tire. Luckily, it hasn’t happened to me yet.”

He went on to say that the pothole situation is horrible and that there are some near his house so bad that he has had to take a different route.

He does feel the problem is getting better.

“Every week, there has been less and less and I’ve noticed that my canvases have been eliminated in many cases. This may have run its course here in the not too distant future as the potholes go away and all good things must come to an end I suppose,” Bucher said.

View the photos below: