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Cowan Community Schools dismissed early

Cowan Community Schools officials said the power outage was affecting the district’s wells, meaning students wouldn’t have access to water.

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Lay’s announces new chip flavor

Bags of the four finalist flavors hit store shelves in late July, and people have been going on Facebook and Twitter to vote for their favor…

Indy forum

Community forum in Indy on Ferguson

Law enforcement and members of the juvenile division of Marion County Superior Court, as well as the city prosecutor, held a forum Monday ev…

reilly martin

Athlete of the Week: Reilly Martin

“I couldn’t ask for anybody better unless there was a clone of her,” joked Brebeuf head girls soccer coach Angela Berry White.


Unique Home Solutions for Easy Painting

“Getting a once opened paint can opened again can be a challenge,” explains Style co-host Tracy Forner. A nail and a hammer can go a long wa…


Indianapolis Zoo’s annual Zoo Boo

This is the last weekend for the Indianapolis Zoo’s annual Zoo Boo, packed with more spooktacular activities than ever. There’s no need to f…