VIPIR radar shows debris from Moore, OK tornado

VIPIR radar is a unique tool available in central Indiana exclusively at WISH-TV that provides incredible details and analysis of storms like the one that went through Moore, OK. Here are just a few of the images and products that VIPIR allows us to use, so that the Forecast 8 team can provide you with up-to-the-minute data of developing storms.


4:03 PM
Radar shows a strong thunderstorm, but rotation is just beginning to tighten and the “hook” is not well-defined yet.



4:12 PM
The hook quickly becomes apparent, as the rotation tightens dramatically. Our BARON product shows an indication of a tornado (red/yellow) as well as hail likely (purple/black)


Moore_Velocity1.tif  Moore_Hook1

4:16 PM
Debris ball is picked up on radar as the tornado enters Moore, OK. Large objects suspended in the air by the tornado make the radar show very high reflectivities. Relative Velocity shows an incredible couplet (red colors very close to green colors) indicating very strong rotation, and winds likely over 200+ mph.



4:22 PM
Debris Ball becomes very large and moves directly through Moore, OK.


Moore_Velocity Moore_Debris

Closeup of Debris Ball/Velocity
Here’s even closer imagery of the tornado as it entered Moore, OK.

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