2014 race for Secretary of State taking shape

This is a year with no statewide elections in Indiana, a welcome break for most of us.  But the biggest matchup of 2014, the race for Secretary of State, is already taking shape.

Republican Secretary of State Connie Lawson is on the statewide dinner circuit.  That’s no surprise.  Democrat Beth White, the Marion County Clerk, is now laying the groundwork to challenge her.

The Secretary of State’s office will be the biggest election prize of 2014 with no race for governor or U.S. Senate.  Democrat Beth White is in search of a challenge.  “I am not ready to end my career in public service,” she says, “so looking forward to what might be next.”

Connie Lawson was appointed to the office last year, replacing ousted Secretary of State Charlie White.  Days after assuming the role last April, she announced plans to seek election in 2014.  “On May the 9th I’ll become a candidate for the Secretary of State’s office,” she said in a WISH-TV interview on April 21st.  May 9th was the first day she could legally raise campaign funds.

Now Lawson says she is preparing for any challenge and GOP leaders believe Beth White poses the only one in sight.  “I suspect she’ll be the only person that throws her hat in the ring,” says state GOP Chairman Eric Holcomb.

At Democratic Party Headquarters the attention is also focused on Beth White.  “She has been a dedicated public servant, yeah,” says State Chairman John Zody.  “I think if she, if she decided to run and  became our nominee, if that’s what Democrats statewide chose to do, I think Beth would be a good candidate.”

White is not yet ready to make it official.  “There are people that I need to talk with and consult with,” she says, “and I’m certainly going to do that over the course of the next coming months.”

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