Hogsett agrees to debate

The candidates for mayor of Indianapolis will debate multiple times between now and Election day.

Democrat Joe Hogsett responded to a debate challenge from Republican Chuck Brewer on Thursday and said he will debate, and he will debate more than once.

But there is no indication that he will agree to the 9 debates requested by Chuch Brewer.

So far, Brewer has focused on education issues.

“I’ve zeroed in on six things that I believe we can do to improve education in Indianapolis,” he said at a recent news conference.

Joe Hogsett has focused on crime.

“We need more police officers to combat Indianapolis’s crime epidemic,” he said in a recent speech.

But most voters are hearing only the Hogsett half of the debate at this point because his third TV ad just hit the air.

And that’s why Brewer wants 9 debates, an unusually high number.

Four years ago the candidates for mayor met in just two televised debates, including one at WISH-TV.

They took part in two or three that didn’t appear on television.

In a letter sent today Hogsett called for talks to begin immediately.

He said, “We will provide the people… debates, candidate forums, neighborhood association meetings and other joint appearances.”

It’s good news to the Brewer campaign.

“We will not be on television anytime soon,” said campaign manager Jennifer Hallowell, “and, you know I mean, Joe Hogsett has millions of dollars.”

That means Hogsett also has the upper hand in debate in debate negotiations.

The Hogsett campaign declined comment beyond the letter.

Chuck Brewer was out of town and unavailable for an interview.

Negotiations will begin in a week or so.

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