Dreary weather will linger

The low clouds and areas of drizzle and light rain will linger into Thursday

THIS EVENING: Not much change from today in weather conditions, or temperatures.  It will be damp, cloudy and cool.  Temps will not fall very far, staying in the mid to upper 50s for most of the evening.


OVERNIGHT: Because we have so much moisture and cloud cover around, temps will not change very much overnight either.  Areas of drizzle, light showers will linger.  We may see fog develop as well. Temps will fall into the mid 50s.


THURSDAY:  It is like the movie Groundhog Day.  More of the same.  Low clouds, some drizzle and cool temps. Highs will possibly reach the mid 60s, but that is about it.


8-DAY FORECAST:  Clouds will clear out Friday and that will allow temps to soar into the 70s.  Saturday looks to be the nice of the 2 weekend days, with a lot of sunshine and temps climbing into the low 80s. Another cold front arrives Sunday bringing back rain chances with it and cooler temps in the low 70s.  A nice, quiet fall pattern will arrive early next week with highs in the mid 60s Monday and Tuesday, and lows could drop into the low 40s and upper 30s Tuesday morning, which means we could see some patchy frost perhaps in outlying areas.

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