A foggy start to the day

A foggy start to the morning and temperatures near freezing will cause a few slick spots on the roads this morning. The fog is likely to mix out by late morning/early afternoon but clouds will linger. Highs today will warm up to the lower 40s. Not much difference in temperatures late tonight from this afternoon. Lows will remain steady in the mid 30s with rain chances increasing overnight.

Expect to see rain and fog for the Wednesday morning commute. Roads should remain fine since temperatures will stay above freezing. Scattered showers will stick around for the rest of the afternoon with highs in the lower 50s. By mid week highs will soar into the upper 50s with scattered shower Thursday. Cold air will make a reappearance late Thursday which will allow for a wintry mix late Thursday through Friday.

By the end of the week temperatures fall and we see a pretty decent shot of some accumulating snow. How much snow is still being fine tuned. Snow showers will stick around for the beginning of the weekend with temperatures plummeting into the low 20s. Quiet day for Sunday with highs only in the lower 20s with sunshine spilling over into Monday.

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