Foggy again tonight, warm and wet Wednesday

Temperatures continue to slowly climb across central Indiana.

THIS EVENING: Temps will stay above freezing in most places.  Areas of fog will slowly start to redevelop by late evening, so watch for patches of reduced visibility.

OVERNIGHT FOG AGAIN? There will be pockets of dense fog again overnight, but most places will stay above freezing, so the threat of freezing fog will be lower overall, with the exception of Northern parts of our area.  In fact, in many case, temperatures will creep upward, instead of downward.


DRIZZLE / LIGHT RAIN WEDNESDAY: Temps will continue their gradual climb into the 50s late late afternoon and will stay in the low 50s through tomorrow evening.


8-DAY FORECAST, BIG STORM COMING? Rain chances will climb and temps will climb again into the upper 50s Thursday.  Their will be more rain as opposed to drizzle.  The big storm system will arrive Friday into Saturday.  Right now, we are confident that we will see a wintry mix on Friday, the big questions and uncertainty is on Saturday.  The storm system could slow down over the Ohio Valley and strengthen a lot. If that happens, we could see decent snow here.  This may happen about 300 miles east of us, which if it does, would be less snow.  Still too early to say at this point.  Should have a better handle to make a 1st Forecast Call late tomorrow.

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