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Chef Wendell: Christmas tree kale sauté

Indiana ranks 41st among the 50 regarding preventable hospitalizations; preventable meaning participating in your health management by focus…

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Chef Wendell: Healthy immune system tips

Did you know all the excessive sugary goodies you consume from October till January routinely shuts down your immune system leaving you defe…

Pictured: Four of the seven employees of Kaiser Heating & Air who took the Quit Challenge.

Quitting smoking, one day at a time

“Say ‘I’m going to quit’ and take it one single hour at a time, because the temptation is always there, the craving is always there.”


Girls on the Run becomes family affair

Girls on the Run is an international organization with over 200 chapters around the U.S. and Canada and operates two chapters in central Ind…

Anthony before and after weight loss. (Provided Photos)

Man loses 100 pounds, keeps it off

“I would get on the treadmill and just look around to see if people were watching me. I was so embarrassed and sometimes I would just cry.”