Speak Your Story taking submissions now

Speak your story. Share your story. Be inspired and stay there. The mission of Speak Your Story is to empower women to be their own best adv…


Be safe on the roads: Move to the Right

As the cooler, more treacherous weather approaches, we all need to take extra care while driving on the roads, and that includes being on th…


Music for All: Band parent survival tips

It’s more than just music; it’s about character-building, dedication and teamwork. Starting tomorrow, Nov. 11, outstanding high school march…


Unique Home Solutions: Sip and Seal

If you’re a traveler, but hate bringing along a full bottle of lotion, shampoo or conditioner, Tracy says he has a simple trick to save some…


Jack’s Donuts Fans!

Here are our Jack’s Donuts fans of the week!! The kids at WKPW in Knightstown stop in and get Jack’s Donuts every Friday for everyone in the…


Customize your tailgate party

Customize your tailgating experience this year with personal photos and pictures! Danielle McConnell, lifestyle expert, shows us how persona…


Monday Mailbag: Foot Bubbles

Time for today’s Monday Mailbag! Lee and Amber try out the Foot Bubbles! It’s like playing hacky sack, with special socks and bubbles!