recipe trail

Indiana’s family of farmers

Indiana’s family of farmers encourages you to check out the recipe trail at this  year’s state fair. There are 10 locations located around t…


Pathway to Water Quality

Pathway to Water Quality, managed by the ICP, is a model watershed that shows you how land “sheds” excess water and what that means to you. …


HopCat to open in Broad Ripple

With 130 taps, HopCat Broad Ripple is setting up to be much more than just a corner bar in the neighborhood. It’s a beer made with care and …


Kermit the Frog

Kermit the Frog talks about the DVD release of “Muppets: Most Wanted.” Plus Kermit talks about his visit to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.


Eat Drink Indy

Jolene Ketzenberger, founder of tells us what’s new in the Indy food/restaurant market:    Ezra’s Enlightened Cafe, a raw, …

gray goat

Protect your bike from being stolen

Gray Goat Sports provides helpful easy tips on the best ways to protect your bike from being stolen. “Your bike is an investment and you got…

balance MD


Dr. Scott Sanders from BalanceMD says the symptoms of dizziness and vertigo are now treatable conditions due to advancements in knowledge an…


Rootbeer Float Cookies

Dave Shuey shares his recipe for Rootbeer Float Cookies! His recipe took second place at the Indiana State Fair but easily won over the Indy…

cheese plate

How to make pickled fruit!

“Pickling really intensifies the taste of the fruit”, according to Suzanne! Suzanne Krowiak from Indy Food Swappers shows us how easy it is …