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Driving app causing concern for police

The National Sheriffs’ Association has come out against waze claiming it leads criminals, looking to harm police officers, right to their ta…

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Spill on I-465 north creates sticky mess

Indiana State Police said a 55-gallon drum of Elmer’s glue spilled on the interstate’s southbound lanes near East 56th Street and North Shad…

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Man hit by car on I-70 westbound

Indiana State Police say the man, who has not been identified, may have been addressing an issue with his own vehicle when he entered the ro…

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Video: A closer look at Groundhog Day

Kathy Hare Hershey, a wildlife expert, and Patty Spitler of Pet Pals TV, as well as a special guest, joined Dave Barras in the studio to dis…

Mugshot of Timothy Weakly (IMPD)

Man arrested in string of robberies

When Weakly was questioned about his alleged involvement, he confessed to committing four separate robberies within two days.