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Suspect charged with murder in officer’s death

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said his office has not yet decided whether to pursue the death penalty.

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NHTSA recalls and defects list

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has listed the latest recalls announced by manufacturers.


Weird Foods & Iced Coffee

Suzanne Krowiak, Indy Food Swappers creates weird foods on Indy Style. Are they really good… or just plain weird? Suzanne from Indy Food Swa…


Actor Goran Visnjic from Extant

Actor Goran Visnjic talks about his role in the CBS miniseries “EXTANT” premiering tonight on WISH-TV at 9pm. “Re-Entry” – Astronaut Molly W…

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Indiana won’t recognize gay marriages

The state of Indiana will not recognize the gay marriages conducted here during three days in June.