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What is the future of the Indy 500?

The return of the Indy 500 also marks the return of what has become a yearly debate: how to return IndyCar to its glory days?

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Camaro Z28 tour

With a phenomenal 505-horsepower the Z28 Camaro is made for speed.

Indy 500 Glamping (Provided Photo/ IMS)

Race fans can take part in a new kind

This is the first year for “glamorous camping” at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Race fans will be able to live at the track — in tents — …

Former racer Sam Schmidt drives

The dream of driving around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway behind the wheel of a car has been realized twice over by former Indy Racing Lea…

coke lot

Police: Coke Lot quieter than most years

There were two reports of shots fired in the early-morning hours Sunday, but other than those incidents Indiana State Police tells 24-Hour N…