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Credit Union Helps Members Rebuild Credit Scores  

BEO 6-9-24 ATC

Financial Health Federal Credit Union is on a mission to help its members improve their credit scores

Clarice Rogers, a Branch Manager at Financial Health Federal Credit Union’s Indiana Avenue location, says the financial institution is not a bank that has to answer to investors and shareholders. Instead, a credit union is owned by its members. “We make them feel like family,” Rogers says of the credit union’s members.  

The organization was created in 1977 by two doctors in the basement of Methodist Hospital. Its original intent was to service the hospital’s staff. After acquiring another financial institution and changing its name, the credit union opened its 777 Indiana Ave. location in 2016.

The credit union offers special loans for members with bad credit who want to rebuild their credit scores. Rogers says the loan program, which features interest rates no higher than 18%, goes a long way in helping the community. In addition, Rogers says paying off the loans can lead to better credit scores, which members can then leverage to purchase homes or start a business.  

Other services provided by the credit union include unique Christmas or vacation savings programs. “We help people that other people normally wouldn’t help,” says Rogers.