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Gr8 Pasta Push: Second Helpings, fighting hunger in Central Indiana

Gr8 Pasta Push: Second Helpings, fighting hunger in Central Indiana

Second Helpings is tackling hunger in Central Indiana from every angle. They rescue food that would otherwise be thrown away, prepare it, and deliver it to local nonprofits for free.

They also train people for careers in the culinary industry.

Every year, Second Helpings delivers over a million meals, many of which go to kids and seniors.

Gr8 Pasta Push 2024

Second Helpings partnered with WISH-TV for the fifth annual Gr8 Pasta Push 2024 which ends on June 18.

This community-wide pasta and fund drive directly supports Second Helpings’ mission to fight hunger in Central Indiana. Last year, the Gr8 Pasta Push provided more than 260,000 meals for neighbors in need.

This year, all donations to the Gr8 Pasta Push will be matched, up to $15,000, thanks to Kroger and an anonymous donor. This means your contribution will have double the impact.

Linda Broadfoot, CEO of Second Helpings, joined us on the show to talk about the mission of Second Helpings, how you can support it, and why the Gr8 Pasta Push is so important.

How You Can Help

If you think this mission sounds important and you want to get involved, Second Helpings is always looking for new volunteers to join the fight against hunger.

How to Donate

Second Helpings is asking for elbow macaroni and other small pasta. You can drop off your donations at any of the sponsor locations. For more details and a link to donate money, visit

Hunger and food waste are serious issues not just in Indianapolis, but across the United States. According to the FDA, more than one-third of all available food in the country goes uneaten due to loss or waste. Second Helpings is making a significant impact by addressing these issues locally in Central Indiana.

Join the Gr8 Pasta Push and help Second Helpings continue their important work of fighting hunger and reducing food waste.