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Indiana Roof Ballroom to receive $2.5M in renovations

Indiana Roof Ballroom to undergo major renovation

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indiana Roof Ballroom is closed until July 5 as it undergoes two phases of revitalizations totaling $2.5 million.

It’s the first major renovation for the building in more than 35 years.

Kile Shaw is sales manager for the downtown Indianapolis event venue that hosts fundraisers as well as live music and theatrical performances. “The building was built in 1927. So, we are approaching our 100th birthday.”

“We are really focusing on the balcony, and there is a large bar in the balcony, so renovating that entire space. It’ll then trickle down to our promenade area,” Shaw said.

Phase 1 upgrades will encompass new carpeting, chandeliers, and lighting fixtures.

“The ballroom itself will remain as is. We just did some improvements to that space a couple of years ago with a fresh coat of paint. But, we’ll also be doing replacements to our drapery. Our goal is to really keep the integrity and historic nature of the ballroom as intact as we can while still moving forward with modern aspects and keeping the space unique.”

The Indiana Roof Ballroom has long been a cherished venue in Indianapolis. It’s hosted an array of events that have left a lasting impression on attendees.

With this significant investment and dedication to preserving its historic significance while embracing modern amenities, key participants in the transformation include Commercial Team Construction as the project contractor and Dovetail Group as the designer. The goal was to ensure a cohesive and intricate approach to the renovation process.

Kayla Stauffer, principal interior designer and co-founder of Dovetail Group, said, “While maintaining the integral history of this building, we wanted to add some wow factor and elevate the space to feel more current and be more approachable for the wide variety of events that are held in this space. You will see layers of golds, blacks and creams in the new design that create a timeless color palette and will blend well with any color scheme chosen by a client for their events.

“This year, we are focusing on updating the VIP bar on the upper level, as well as adding some gorgeous lighting and mirror and metal accents to the main bar. Next year, we will be implementing a unique terrazzo floor design around the main bar, updating furnishings, as well as updating the remaining lighting and draperies,” Stauffer said.

Scheduled to start in June 2025, Phase 2 will focus on the same aspects on the ballroom level.

Below are renderings obtained by News 8’s Reyna Revelle of improvements coming in 2024 and 2025 to The Indiana Roof Ballroom in downtown Indianapolis.


Crystal Signature Events has proudly managed this incredible event venue for nearly 40 years, welcoming hundreds of weddings and galas and thousands of guests to some of the city’s most prominent events each year. We have always balanced upholding the venue’s unique historic nature with investments that meet modern event demands. We have upgraded pieces and parts over the years, but this is our first complete building renovation, and we’re excited to deliver it for our clients and their guests.”  

Jack Bayt, vice president of Crystal Signature Events