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Colts running backs on the impact Zack Moss had on the group

Zack Moss Running Backs

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — With Jonathan Taylor missing seven games last season, veteran Zack Moss stepped up and was the Colts leading rusher. Now, Moss is in Cincinnati after signing a two year, $8 million contract with the Bengals.

The rest of the Colts running backs returned though, and appreciate the veteran presence that he brought to the position group last season.

“You could just see by the way he prepared that this wasn’t his first rodeo,” Colts running back Evan Hull said. “You definitely just pick up things from a guy like that. And that’s definitely what I appreciate being a young back is being able to see a veteran who has gone through those growing pains and an kind of lead you in the right direction.”

“Just be ready,” Colts running back Trey Sermon said. “You never know when your opportunity is going to present itself. So, just coming in each and every day ready to go, preparing like you’re the starter so that you’re ready and you don’t have to get ready for the opportunity.”

The Colts running backs behind Jonathan Taylor this season is young and inexperienced. Sermon has played in three seasons, but only had 78 carries so far in his career. Hull and Tyler Goodson are heading into their second seasons. But, they do have familiarity with each other and love the group this season.

“We’ve all been able to grow in relationship to each other,” Hull said. “So I’m just looking forward to that comradery piece, that brotherhood and that challenge and that competition with one another in order to push each other to be better.”

“I mean everybody is a little bit different, but we’re all great running backs and we compete,” Sermon said. “We push each other. If one of us makes a big play, we’re all excited for each other, and that’s one thing I love.”

The Colts kick off their season on Sep. 8 at home against the Houston Texans.