Tracy goes behind the scenes to meet the IMAX projection team


Ever wondered what it takes to prepare for an upcoming production at an IMAX Theatre? Tracy gives us an inside look, alongside the IMAX projection team in Indy and learns what it takes to give you an experience like no other!

imaxmovieWhat’s coming up next at the IMAX? Expect Galapagos 3D: Nature’s Wonderland to be released on Sept. 25th! Here is a summary of what you can expect:

Rated: G. Running Time: 60min In the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, there is a paradise unlike any other: the Galapagos Archipelago. Amongst these fascinating and remote volcanic islands, life has played out over millions of years in relative isolation. The result is a wonderland of nature, with a remarkable collection of plants and charismatic animals that have all adapted to this unique environment. Meet giant half-ton tortoises and marine iguanas that spit sea-salt from their noses. Dance with tropical albatrosses and hunt fishes with the colorful blue-footed boobies. Dive into the ocean with flightless cormorants and swim with tiny penguins thousands of miles from their natural habitats.


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