Photo of paramedic responding to call in wedding dress goes viral

(Courtesy: Marcy Martin Photography)

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Tennessee paramedic is receiving national attention after a photo of her in a wedding dress at a crash site went viral.

The picture shows Sarah Ray with her wedding dress hiked up in front of the crash. The photo was first posted on Montgomery County’s Facebook page Friday. Now, it has thousands of likes and shares.

“I didn’t expect it to go nearly as viral as it has,” Ray told News 2.

After her wedding ceremony, Ray’s father called her at the church with bad news. He and her grandparents got into a wreck on the way to the reception.

Ray and her husband are both paramedics, so they quickly gathered their things and headed out to the scene.

The crash happened at the intersection of 101st Airborne Division Parkway and Trenton Road, just a few miles from the church.

“I saw my dad and my grandfather standing outside the car, so I knew they weren’t seriously injured, but my grandmother was in the back of the ambulance,” said Ray.

Ray boarded the ambulance and saw her grandmother had some bruising from the airbags but wasn’t seriously hurt.

Sarah Ray
(Courtesy: Sarah Etson)

“She was still going to the hospital, but she still wanted me to go to the reception. I was headed back to the car and my brother-in-law told my mom, who was the photographer for our wedding, that she was missing the best wedding picture of them all,” said Ray.

That is when Ray’s mother took the shot.

“I am always looking for that type of picture, chaos in the background and beauty in the foreground. So something with contrast and that’s exactly what it was. The beauty is my daughter that just makes it even better,” said Marcy Martin.

“I said, ‘Really, mom? You’re taking a picture right now?’ I just couldn’t believe that in the midst of the accident and everything that was going on that she was taking a picture,” said Ray.

Ray said her wedding day was not ruined — her family was OK.

The couple headed off to their reception and had a great time.

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