Voter turnout steadily declining in Marion County

FILE - In this June 3, 2014, file photo, "I Voted" stickers sit on the registration table at the Canyon Lake Senior Center polling place in Rapid City, S.D. America is a year away from the big Election Day to come, in November 2016, the one with the next president on the ballot. (AP Photo/Toby Brusseau, File)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – According to figures from the Marion County Clerk’s office, voter turnout was just under 23 percent on Tuesday.

That figure follows an early voting period for the county, where early voting was down a third from where it was four years ago.

The low voter turnout can be attributed to the lack of excitement for the Indianapolis mayoral race and a lack of choices of candidates for most voters.

Voter turnout in 2011 was 29.98 percent and in 2007 was 26.32 percent. The voter turnout has been steadily declining in each election.

Most voters in Marion County received a ballot with only two choices; one choice for the mayor of Indianapolis and one choice for a seat on the Marion County City-County Council.

Former Gov. Mitch Daniels advocated moving municipal elections to the presidential election year cycles, to encourage more voters to take part in local races.

The legislature rejected that proposal.

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