4-year-old cancer patient who ‘married’ nurse gets first dance

(Photo Provided/News 10)

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – It’s a wedding reception months in the making after a marriage inside of a hospital.

In July, four-year-old Abby Sayles married her nurse, Matt Hickling.

This weekend, the couple finally had their first dance.

“You expect support from your family and friends,” Abby’s mother Renee said. “But we have it from literally all over the world now and it’s just, it’s awesome.

Now, months later at their reception, the couple was introduced for the first time and finally had their first dance.

“My sparkly shoes are my favorite because they have Dora inside of them,” Abby said.

Those sparkly shoes match her sparkling dress and that vibrant personality.

The bride wasn’t quite ready at first, running out of the reception room just before the music started.

After being called to center stage, she ran right into the arms of her knight and shining armor, Nurse Matt.

“We actually had rehearsal for this one, so I’m getting a little jittery to see if I don’t mess up on the lead,” Matt Hickling said.

After sharing a moment together with the music, Matt lead the way to a first dance Abby will never forget.

“To have them right there and see her so happy it’s well. See,” Renee said.

“Her wedding, even though she didn’t mean to, and Matt didn’t mean to, it brought awareness about what children with cancer are going through and that it takes more than medicine,” Janine Cammarata, President and Co-Founder of Nick’s Fight said.

Abby’s dream came true and it helped a good cause at the same time; a cause that’s helped Abby and her family, throughout their journey.

“Our biggest thing is we really wanted to spread the awareness and raise funds for Nick’s Fight,” Renee said. “They’ve helped us out so much this year. They’re just an amazing organization.”

Two hundred guests attended the event with the money raised at the reception going to Nicks Fight to be Healed, an organization that helps provide financial and emotional support for pediatric cancer patients and their families in need.

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