Will the State Road 37 project make its way to Noblesville?

While the focus of the S.R. 37 announcement next week is expected to be on Fishers, Noblesville expects work to be done there too. (WISH Photo)

NOBLESVILLE, Ind (WISH) – A plan to fix congested traffic on State Road 37 may focus on Fishers right now, but Noblesville leaders expect to receive help as well.

State Road 37 is a stretch of road in Hamilton County that not everyone enjoys.

“It can be a hassle, especially the lights,” Noblesville resident Andrew Stewart said. “The lights are very slow. If it’s not idiots on the roadway, it’s the lights.”

Next week, county officials say the state will roll out a $124 million plan to make driving State Road 37 faster. A project that they say will focus on Fishers, and not Noblesville. That news is not sitting well with some drivers.

“Everyone is wondering where our taxpayer money is really going,” asked Stewart. “If it’s not going to this project, then where is it going? Why can’t the project get done?”

“I really think it’s a good thing that they didn’t come this far,” Noblesville resident Becky Bledsoe said. “I just think we have enough expense without having to add something else too.”

But Noblesville officials say not so fast. While the project may stop at 146th Street, officials said drivers will eventually be able to go to the State Road 38 intersection quickly because there won’t be any lights.

“From what I’ve heard, I guess, it’s just more of a money factor, and that’s why we’re going to hopefully do it in phases. We just, from our city, hope that we can have discussions in the near future about the second part,” Noblesville communications manager Robert Herrington said.

As for when work in Noblesville would happen, officials aren’t sure. The plan they say has been to make a road, similar to the Keystone Parkway in Carmel.

That’s still what Noblesville officials hope for, and are willing to wait for, as long as it gets done.

“If it’s good for our neighbors, it’s good for us,” Herrington said. “So we’re excited for Fishers, and looking forward for when we can have discussions about what’s going to happen up here in Noblesville.”

County officials say it could be two years before work begins in Fishers. The news conference they say is scheduled for a week from Thursday.

We reached out to the Indiana Department of Transportation, and a spokesperson says they can’t confirm a news conference will take place.

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