Some question IMPD training after mentally disabled man shot, killed

(WISH Photo, file)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – IMPD is still investigating whether Saturday morning’s deadly officer-involved shooting was justified.

Police shot and killed Christopher Goodlow outside his apartment complex after he waved a knife at them.

IMPD says one of the major things in that investigation will be Goodlow’s state of mind.

IMPD says Goodlow’s family confirmed that had mental disabilities, and those closest to him are questioning whether those officers were properly trained to respond to him.

“It was a terrible, terrible situation I mean it was horrible,” said Robin Beavin, who lives in the same complex.

“He was really sweet. He was nice. He kept to himself, never really talked to anybody,” said a woman who only wanted to be identified as Amanda.

Following Goodlow’s death the Concerned Clergy of Indianapolis issued a statement questioning the officers’ training and whether they were properly equipped to deal with someone with mental disabilities.

But self defense experts say the officers had no other choice.

“Even if the person was mentally unstable, the fact is they were coming at somebody with a knife, they were using deadly force,” said Jeff Patterson, the owner of Protective Thinking.

Patterson has trained officers in self-defense tactics for over a decade.

“When confronted with deadly force, if you use deadly force that’s reasonable,” said Patterson.

Blood is still on his walkway outside Goodlow’s apartment and neighbors still can’t believe what happened here.

“I would never suspect that he would ever first off even have a knife or try to harm somebody or even himself for that matter,” said Amanda.

IMPD Chief Rick Hite issued a statement response to the clergy’s concerns: “We recognized the concerns and grief of the Goodlow family. We stood side by side to pray with them and for them. We will continue to work with all segments of our community to find resources to address mental health and other social issues impacting families within our city.”

As for the officers involved, they are on paid administrative leave until the investigation is complete.

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