Kokomo grandmother battling cancer has home burglarized, meds stolen

KOKOMO, Ind. (WISH) – A grandmother came home last week to find her house had been burglarized and ransacked.

“I started crying. It was such a mess. I come everything is thrown, they had gone through my Christmas tree, threw presents everywhere,” said Shelly Grubb, the victim.

Grub says she was getting treatment for her incurable ovarian cancer when someone burglarized her house.

“My cabinets were tore apart, my cabinets were kicked in, doors were kicked in,” said Grubb. “It’s hard enough that I’m going through cancer, and then to come home and have everything ripped apart.”

She says it happened last Thursday sometime between 2:30 p.m. and 6 p.m.

“I’m fighting for my life now and then I’m having to go through this. It’s hard, it’s very hard,” said Grubb.

“I feel violated for my mom,” said Tiffany Shanks, Grubb’s daughter. “It’s painful to even know that my mom has to deal with all the stress she has to deal with and then coming home to find that your home was wrecked.”

They broke in the back door and she said they stole Christmas presents, computers, credit cards and money. Grubb says they even stole her cancer medication.

“My life’s in danger without my medication,” said Grubb.

But despite her life being in danger she says what hurts the most is having her mother and grandmother’s jewelry stolen.

“It’s crushing me inside. I can’t replace my mom and my grandma and that’s all I had left of them,’ said Grubb.

“If they could, if they could return it to somebody or do something, that would mean so much more,” said Shanks.

The family said that if anyone knows anything, they are willing to offer a reward for the jewelry being returned by calling Crime Stoppers at 317- 262-TIPS.

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