Mayors past, present and future celebrate Indy Human Rights Ordinance

(WISH Photo/Eric Halvorson, file)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Indianapolis passed a human rights ordinance ten years ago to protect members of the LGBT community from discrimination.

Former Mayor Bart Peterson signed it into law in 2005.

“This is an area that had to evolve,” said Peterson.

Mayor Greg Ballard and Mayor-elect Joe Hogsett joined him Friday to say that it should be an example for a new state civil rights law.

“Indianapolis welcomes all,” said Ballard. “We know that.”

It was a quiet celebration held next door to the City Market.

“Let us love our neighbors,” said Hogsett, “as we love our city.”

Indianapolis has been joined by more than a dozen Indiana cities in the time since, but the Republican super majorities in the General Assembly are still resisting statewide protections.

“It has not taken the city backwards,” said Chris Paulsen of Freedom Indiana, “but it’s actually added economically and socially to Indianapolis.”

While Democrat Joe Hogsett promised to lobby lawmakers, Republican Greg Ballard has a message for fellow party members.

“If you wanna set the future look at everybody under the age of 35 and see where it’s going,” he said, “and our party has figure that part out very fast.”

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