Storm brings down tree onto White County home

(WLFI Photo)

WHITE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) – People in White County are dealing with flooded roadways and damages after Monday’s strong winds and rain. One home in particular sustained heavy damage after high winds caused a tree to fall through their house.

Fireworks is how Genevieve Latta described the sound when a part of a tree fell onto her house Monday morning.

“I knew it was bad because I heard everything coming around us, everything,” said Latta.

As the rain and wind hit the White County area Monday, Latta said the loud rumbling woke her.

“My youngest one came down the hallway and my disabled sister,” said Latta. “And it happened so quick, so fast.”

She said she’s lived in the Monticello house on Blue Bell Court since she was 6 years old.

“Everything is good about the house. I just don’t want to lose my home,” said Latta.

Red’s Tree Service owner Rodney Conn said the extreme rain, wind, and ice caused the tree to uproot.

“We had like an eighth inch to a quarter inch of ice and the winds were all heavy,” said Conn. “The tree is a little weak in the center.”

Conn said when that happens, it causes trees to fall over – especially adding in high winds. At one point on Monday there were wind speeds at 35-40 miles per hour.

“I don’t know what my next step is,” said Latta. “My step is I got to find a home for my family and myself.”

White County Emergency Management Director Roberta Yerk is continuing to assess the damage from Monday, and it’s not just from the strong winds but also the flooding.

“All kinds of roads with water across them cause the fills are so full, and it has to go somewhere,” said Yerk. “And they are going across the roads.”

Power outages were also experienced by many people in White County.

“We had multiple trees down, took power lines down everywhere,” said Conn.

Emergency management continues to monitor the water levels and damage. Latta said even though she has no home, she’s thankful her family is safe.

“Just stay as a family, we got to stay as a family,” said Latta. “So it’s stronger that way.”

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