John Gregg meets with LGBT group

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Wednesday night John Gregg put himself in front of the public, one day after the governor’s State of the State address.

The democrat is running against Mike Pence for governor.

Gregg accepted an invitation by the LGBT group, Indiana Stonewall Democrats, to come speak at Tini, a gay-friendly cocktail bar on Mass Ave.

He said change is desperately needed, and said the governor’s State of the State address proved a lack of leadership.

He said his campaign will involved listening to wants of the people.

“I meet with voters every day all across Indiana and that’s really one of the fun things to hear what’s on Hoosiers minds and it’s jobs, it’s education, it’s competency, it’s common sense, it’s inclusion,” said Gregg.

Gregg is the only declared candidate going up against Pence in the November election.

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