Lawsuit claims EOS lip balm causes rashes, bleeding

This product image released by Eos shows the holiday 2014 Limited Edition Eos Lip Balm 3-Pack inspired by Rachel Roy. More designers are collaborating with lip balm makers as the lip care industry explodes with new choices. (AP Photo/Eos)

(WISH) – A popular lip balm is now facing a class action lawsuit, according to court records.

The suit was filed on Tuesday by Geraggos and Geragos law firm on behalf of Rachael Cronin against EOS Products LLC in California.

Cronin says her lips felt like “sandpaper” and after continuous use of the lip balm she experienced a rash. The lawsuit states that they believe she is not the only one who has experienced reactions from using the product.

According to the suit, EOS comes in a variety of flavors with “misleading” names. Each lip balm comes in a circular pod in attractive colors. The company also uses celebrities as “brand ambassadors” to post pictures of them using the product.

It’s believed that tens of thousands of consumers who used the lip balm have experienced reactions ranging from rashes, dryness, bleeding, blistering, cracking and loss of pigmentation. Cronin said her rash lasted for about 10 days.

The lawsuit states that despite the reported reactions EOS has failed to provide warnings on their website and advertisements. They also have made no recalls. The packaging also contains no warning of potential side effects.

Read the full class action lawsuit below:

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