Teen makes soldiers a part of the flag they fight for

MIAMI COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) — The American Flag has been the center of a countless number of works of art, but never quite like the one made by a Miami County teen.

“There 4, 466 soldiers here,” Jacob Feazel said.

Toy soldiers that is.

It took the 17-year-old 11 days and 56 hours to spray paint each one and glue them to a 4-by-6 foot wooden platform.

“That was a pain in the butt,” he said.

“The soldiers are what make the U.S. free, you know? They fight for us so I figured it’s honoring them by putting them in the flag,” Feazel added.

Feazel is a senior at Maconaquah High School in the small town of Bunker Hill. A place where the red, white and blue is more than the school’s colors.

“This is a very patriotic place,” he said.

The piece was part of a school project, but once his parents saw the finished product they knew it was something special.

“Just phenomenal,” Jacob’s mom Stacey Feazel said.

Stacey took several pictures and put them up on Facebook, not knowing what would happen next.

“I think the last count was 85,000 maybe shares, just since yesterday morning,” she said.

People from all over the Country are liking and sharing the post. And some are even offering to buy the piece.

But Jacob said he has no plans of selling, he said he just wants an A on the project.

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