TV crew ducks into family’s home during tornado warning

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) — WNCN reporter Steve Sbraccia and photographer Dan West were out on the road during the severe storms on Wednesday – and had quite an adventure.

They were on live TV with meteorologists Wes Hoenstein and Bill Reh. But, as the weather experts tracked the pair’s progress into the Chapel Hill, radar indicated a tornado and they sounded the alert.

“Guys — he needs to take cover. Get out of that car…he’s in the heart of it,” said Bill Reh during the live coverage of the storms.

“Dan, get off the road the road night now!”

Steve and Dan abandoned the car — just as the tornado’s winds began dropping tree parts.

The pair spent the time with a family who were kind enough to take them in – with no warning.

“After it was over, we said our thanks to a kind Zambrano family,” Steve said.

And — then — it was back on the road again.

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