Muncie Animal Shelter seeks foster home for bruised, battered dog

Josie (WISH Photo)

MUNCIE, Ind. (WISH) — The Muncie Animal Shelter is taking care of a dog with two missing teeth and a bruised head. Animal care workers suspect the dog was repeatedly kicked in the face.

Shelter workers said they don’t know how or when the dog was struck in the face. They’re looking for a medical foster home and eventually a permanent foster home for the dog.

The cut above Josie’s eye and the scars around her mouth are the marks of the dog’s past. They’re marks that Melissa Blair, assistant superintendent of the Muncie Animal Shelter, hates to see.

“Our heart aches. Then we get angry,” Blair said. “Unfortunately, we see it more often than we would like to see. The case of Josie is more severe than most cases that we see.”

Josie is the name shelter workers gave the pitbull mix. She wound up at the shelter last week after employees got a call about a stray. They found her with one hanging tooth, one cracked tooth and a bruised face. She’s taking pain medicine and antibiotics after going through multiple surgeries.

“We’d definitely like for them to know there is goodness in the world, and she can know what a kind hand is after going through such a terrible, terrible event,” Blair said.

Shelter workers are looking for a medical foster home where Josie can continue treatment. When she’s cleared by a veterinarian, shelter workers will look for a permanent home.

Blair said she’s looking for a foster parent who understands Josie’s treatment is far from over.

“It’s going to require surgeries. It’s going to require a nice, quiet environment,” she said.

After 19 years in animal control, Blair said it doesn’t get any easier seeing a dog like Josie. But she wishes it would.

“Hopefully, one of these days we’ll win the battle and there will be no more animal suffering and no more animal abuse.”

Blair said employees notified the Muncie Police Department after finding Josie. If you know what might have happened, Muncie PD can be reached at 765-747-4838.

You can also call the Muncie Animal Shelter at 765-747-4851.

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