Easter Brunch with Weber Grill

Grilling isn’t just for meats! Exec. Chef Nicholas Freije, from Weber Grill Indianapolis, shows us how to make a few Easter brunch dishes, which include Grilled Pretzel Bread French Toast, Bourbon Smoked Ham, Steak and Eggs and more!

Weber Grill Restaurant’s Chocolate Cherry French Toast

french Ingredients:
Heavy cream 1 qt
Granulated sugar 1/3 cup
Nutmeg, ground 1/4 tsp
Cinnamon, ground 1/4 tsp
Vanilla bean paste 2 tsp
Liquid whole eggs 1 cup
Kosher salt 1 tsp
Pretzel rolls (best if they are a few days old) 1 1/2 lbs
Bittersweet chocolate, cut into small chunks with a knife 4 wt oz
Dried cherries 5 wt oz

1.Mix the sugar, cream, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, eggs and salt in the bowl with a whisk.

2.Cut the pretzel rolls into 1/2 inch pieces and toss with the cream mix to coat well.

3.Let the pretzel soak up the cream for at least 30 minutes, no more than an hour.

4.Toss in the cherries and chocolate into the bowl with the bread and mix to combine again.

5.Line bread pan with parchment paper and spray with pan spray.

6.Pour the mix into pan and press down to distribute evenly all over.

mix7.Cover the pan with two layers of plastic wrap and then one layer of foil, sealing the edges.

8.Bake in a 325 F oven, low fan for 40-50 minutes, rotating halfway through.

9.Check by opening the foil and pressing the middle, checking to see if fresh cream squeezes out, if so, bake for 15 minutes more and check again.

10.Allow to cool before slicing in order to get good edges.

11.Slice the chilled bread into 1/2 inch thick slices and rub the two slices with the butter to coat evenly.

12.Grill them on a GAS grill over high heat for 1-2 minutes

13.Serve with your favorite French Toast toppings

To learn more, visit www.webergrillrestaurant.com.


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