Firefighters install smoke alarms in area homes

(WISH Photo/Andrew Garrison)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The Indianapolis Fire Department is taking steps to keep residents safe before a fire occurs.

Firefighters went door to door Thursday in the first of six smoke alarm blitzes for the year.

Each blitz will take place in an area specially identified by IFD. Firefighters will install smoke alarms in any home that needs one.

A city ordinance passed in 2014 that requires each home to have a smoke detector within 10 years.

“Just by us putting in¬†working smoke alarms in the homes, we have saved 12 lives in the last 12 and a half months,” said IFD Director of Public Safety Aleatha Henderson. “So we know that having working smoke alarms can give you advanced warning, and hopefully you’ll be able to get out.”

State Farm provided grant money that allowed the fire department to hand out the smoke alarms for free.


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