Colts gear up for rookie camp

(WISH Photo/ File photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The 2016 draft has ended, and the Colts now know the new faces that will occupy the locker room at the end of the week.

“We’re all excited for the guys to get in the building,” said Kendall Langford. “Everybody starts competing the minute they get in here. You know, guys are trying to get a job.”

One job the team hopes to focus on is keeping players healthy, including quarterback Andrew Luck.

“I mean, we always need to play better. Any time your quarterback gets hurt. You know, on a scramble…you know he shouldn’t have had to scramble. He should’ve been able to stay in the pocket,” said Anthony Castanzo.

The Colts organization sent a big message last week by drafting four offensive linemen, but the guys currently in those positions are looking at this as a mentoring as well as a competitive opportunity.

“I firmly believe that competition makes everybody better. Our responsibility as veterans is to go in and help these guys out,” said Joe Reitz.

First round draft pick Ryan Kelly has generated a lot of excitement within the organization, and his future teammates look forward to seeing what he can do at center.

“I was able to meet Ryan Kelly the day after he got drafted,” said Jack Mewhort. “He seems like a great kid, comes from a good family. Happy to have them all here, and we’re ready to rock and roll.”

But like any rookie, Kelly and the rest of the new guys will have to earn their keep.

“We’re going to have him do some stuff for us. We’re not going to let him slide in that easily. So he’s definitely going to have some responsibilities,” said Castanzo.

The responsibilities begin on Friday, when the rookies arrive for camp.

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