Driver positive for THC sentenced in deadly crash

(Photo Provided/Boone County Jail)

BOONE COUNTY, Ind. (WISH/WLFI) — A judge is scheduled to sentence a Lafayette woman for causing a fatal crash in August, 2015 Wednesday at 8 a.m.

33-year-old Stephanie Shrock, a dental hygienist in Lafayette, entered a plea agreement in March for the crash on U.S. 52 near State Road 47.

Her plea agreement was amended with a sentencing of three years on community corrections, but it is up to Judge Bruce Petit to decide.

On Wednesday, Shrock was sentenced to six years. However, due to her plea agreement, she will be on supervised probation for five years and 340 days and three of those years will be on house arrest. The judge also suspended her driving privileges for two years.

A psychologist testified that Shrock suffered from severe survivor’s guilt, depression and anxiety following the crash. The psychologist said Shrock was very upset by what the family thought upon hearing that the driver was “intoxicated,” though she said she felt no affects of drug use the morning of the crash.

Shrock said her use of marijuana was infrequent.

During the hearing Shrock turned to the victim’s family and cried.

“I have thought of all of you every single day and the guilt that I feel on taking away your person, your loved one, your family. I’m so sorry. It’s unimaginable what you guys are going through. I was so angry for you that on top of all the emotions you’re dealing with then you find out if that person had not only smoked that morning, which of course I didn’t. I’m so sorry that we are sitting here, that this is how we are meeting. I hope that you can continue on the path of healing, which is so vital. I pray for your comfort,” Shrock said.

Shrock will learn her fate for charges including causing death when operating a motor vehicle with a schedule I or II controlled substance in the blood, a level four felony.

Four other charges, a felony and three misdemeanors, were dropped as part of the agreement.

Shrock was accused of driving with THC in her system when she caused the crash that killed Jacquelin Harp, 45.

Investigators said Shrock was reaching for a cup of coffee when she drove off the roadway, over-corrected, crossed the median and struck Harp’s vehicle head-on.

Court documents also said that Shrock’s urine tests came back positive for cannabinoids.

The crash fueled outcry for the installation of a permanent traffic light at the intersection. A Facebook post by the Boone County Sheriff on the topic went viral.


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