Teen may have discovered lost Mayan City

(WISH Photo)

CANADA (WISH) – A Canadian teenager says he may have discovered a lost city by looking at the stars.

William Gadoury, 15, said his findings started out as a science project. He wanted to figure out how the Mayans chose where to build their cities. He said he first superimposed constellations onto maps of Mayan Cities and then made an interesting discovery.

“I found that the Mayan put their city at a different place to imitate the form of the constellation,” Gadoury said.

22 constellations matched the placement of more than 100 Mayan cities, but the 23rd constellation was incomplete.

Gadoury said he received help from the Canadian Space Agency, where he discovered what is believed to be evidence of a never before seen Mayan city in the incomplete constellation.

Because of his findings, he has been invited to speak at conferences in Canada and Brazil.

CNN contributed to this report. 


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