Carb Day: A party not just for race fans

(WISH Photo/Jeff Wagner)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — For some fans, Carb Day is not just about racing.

It’s about friends, beer, bbq and music.

“I’m not on an Atkins diet today,” Mark Braska said.

Braska walked around Carb Day with his short shorts. “They just kept getting shorter, the more I washed them, they shriveled up,” he said.

From his shorts to hula hoops, turn 3 was turning since early Friday morning.

“On a drunk scale of 1 to 10, I’m like a 5,” Danielle Limp said. “Hopefully I’ll be like a 20 when I leave.”

Some people don’t even care about racing, they just like the atmosphere of Carb Day.

“Not a race fan, I just come out for the party,” another patron said.

Race fan or not, Carb Day is a non stop party.

24-Hour News 8’s Jeff Wagner visited the track for the second day, visiting with ‘Glampers.” He also spoke to some fans who were there to party.

Watch the video below for the full interviews.

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