Child shot in the head, killed in Cumberland

CUMBERLAND, Ind. (WISH) —  A child was shot in the head and killed in Cumberland Friday afternoon.

(WISH Photo/Laura Kennedy)
(WISH Photo/Laura Kennedy)

Police were called to a scene in the 500 block of Wickerwood Drive around 3:45 p.m.

Police have identified him as 9-year-old Anthony Harmon, Jr.

Police said they are not looking for a shooter.

Dozens of family, friends and neighbors gathered near the crime scene offering hugs of support.

Neighbor Clint Farwell couldn’t believe when he heard that a nine-year-old boy was shot and killed.

“That is in my daughter’s age group and that’s real scary,” he said.

Cumberland Police Lt. Christopher Etherton said other people were in the apartment when the shooting happened.

“It was inside, we’re still ascertaining who all was there and present at the time,” he said.

Police are questioning several people to figure out exactly what led up to the shooting.

“We do have people we’re going to talk to. It doesn’t mean they’re suspects or anything else, just people we want to talk with,” Etherton said.

As a father of a young daughter, Farwell said he is just heartbroken for the family.

“A nine-year-old is dead today, that’s the point, I mean what goes on between adults is one thing, but when you involve a kid, that just hits right at home for me,” he said.

Police have a word of caution for parents.

“If you have guns, keep them safe, keep them locked up,” Etherton said, “You can use the gun locks, put them in the safe, teach your kids how to handle a gun if you’re going to have one in your home.”

He said it puts everyone at risk when guns are not locked up and kids don’t know what to do when they find them.

“It’s very important, there’s way too many of these kids getting shot, whether it’s by someone else or self inflicted,” Etherton said.

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