For those struggling to grow plants, there’s free help in Hamilton County

Faced with a growing population, help is now available to teach people how to grow in Hamilton County on June 1, 2016. (WISH photo/Nick Natario)

NOBLESVILLE, Ind (WISH) – Hamilton County’s population is growing, which is why local agriculture experts say the timing couldn’t be better to open a growing education center.

With summer quickly approaching, gardening is in full swing. Gardening is one area in where Linda McCormick wants to improve .

“I’ve spent hours on the internet, hours with books,” McCormick said. “The librarians are tired of seeing me come in.”

McCormick was thrilled when she heard the Purdue University cooperative extension opened an education center Wednesday.

“I was excited because I’m finally going to have answers to my gardening questions,” McCormick said.

This is exactly why local agriculture leaders say they created the space. Two times a week, neighbors can come get answers to growing plants, killing weeds, and preserving food, and get this, it’s free.

“I have hundreds, maybe even thousands of calls throughout the years from homeowners asking these questions so we’re just going to team up and have a better response for them,” Purdue University Cooperative Extension agriculture and natural resources educator Diane Turner said.

Although the service is free there are some things you need to do at home before showing up, which will help you with the experience, the first, take a photo of the problem, or simply, bring a plant sample.

The center is staffed by more than 300 volunteers, known as, master gardeners. People who have spent hundreds of hours training.

“I want to encourage everybody in Hamilton County to have the gardening experience because you can learn so much from that,” Master Gardener Priscilla Strong said.

“We are just like they were at some point. Learning every day and not intimidating,” Master Gardener Tisha Edge said. “We’re here to help whatever way we can.”

McCormick’s ready to take what she learned inside, and bring it to the garden.

“These people are going to be the people to tell me how to fix all my problems,” McCormick said.

If you’re looking to for gardening advice, the center will reopen Monday. To learn more information about it, click here.

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