Pence goes on faith-based patrol with Indy Ten Point Coalition

Gov. Pence walked with the Indy Ten Point Coalition in July prior to joining Trump as his running mate. (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indiana Gov. Mike Pence joined the Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition for a patrol through a neighborhood on the city’s north side amid speculation that he could be Donald Trump’s running mate.

A spokesperson for the governor told 24-Hour News 8 this is the first time Pence has gone out on a patrol with the group.

“I think this is a model program where people have really poured themselves into the lives of these communities and made real changes,” Pence said of the Ten Point Coalition.

The governor and his wife, Karen, spent Monday night walking with volunteers near 28th Street and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street.

“They’re just not out here today, they’re out here every week,” Pence said. “They’re going through the neighborhoods often times in the dark of nights and late weekend nights.”

The governor and his wife met and talked with residents in the neighborhood. Pence said he supports Rev. Charles Harrison and his efforts with Ten Point. He believes the model could potentially work across communities state wide.

“I truly do believe my hope is that as more and more people around the state and country learn about this program it will inspire more programs,” he said.

When asked whether the model could work on a national level, if he accepted the vice presidential nomination, Pence had this to say:

“Nice try. My focus is Indiana.”

This stop was one of several public appearances for the governor just one day after the report by the Washington Times. The report cited sources that the governor had a 95% percent chance of being chosen as Trump’s Vice President.

For now Pence said, in order to move forward with change in our communities we have to work together.

“Reaching out across communities and building bridges of understanding between community leaders and law enforcement is absolutely essential in making progress,” he said.

For the past eight months, Ten Point has conducted patrols in neighborhoods like United Northwest Area, Crown Hill and Butler Tarkington after a recent spike in crime.

Harrison says Butler Tarkington is now going on nine months without any homicides.

“What the studies are showing if you could reduce violence between 14 to 24 it impacts adult violence and even people 13 and younger,” he said.

The governor also made another stop at Reiss Welding. Harrison said the company is working with the faith based group to hire ex-offenders for jobs.

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