Candidates vie to replace Pence; Gregg preps for new opponent

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Gov. Mike Pence being picked as Donald Trump’s running mate has had quite the ripple effect on Indiana politics.

Three lawmakers are now vying to be the Republican gubernatorial candidate, and Democratic candidate John Gregg has to cater his campaign for whoever takes that spot.

In literally a matter of minutes Friday morning, the November ballot in Indiana got a new look.

There are three people so far trying to fill the void left by Pence, including Lt. Governor Eric Holcomb, Congressman Todd Rokita and Congresswoman Susan Brooks.

“It was all on them,” said Indiana GOP Chairman Jeff Cardwell. “[The Indiana GOP] did not have any type of conference call or any type of immediate meeting. That was completely up on them to make the decision on what they wanted to do.”

Cardwell will have to make a decision of his own as well. He is one of 22 state committee members who will vote at a private caucus on July 26 to determine which candidate should replace Pence on the ballot. Eighteen of the 22 come from the nine congressional districts in Indiana. The remaining four are from the state GOP.

“All of the candidates are responsible for reaching out to each one of the state committee members in making sure that they make their case. They cast their vision for what they see for Indiana’s future,” Cardwell said.

He added that at the caucus, each candidate will make a short presentation followed by a private vote.

But regardless of who is chosen their ultimate opponent, Gregg feels there’s no difference between them and the man they’re replacing.

“The issues are still going to be the same. These people’s solutions are still going to be the same failed solutions that Mike Pence had,” Gregg said.

There’s still a chance more people will sign up to replace Pence on the ballot with names like former Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard being part of the speculation.

They have to do so at least 72 hours before the caucus.

The caucus for lieutenant governor will be August 1, and then any caucuses needed for vacancies created in congressional races will follow.

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