Jurors to hear about DNA evidence in Daniel Messel trial

Daniel Messel is walked into the Brown County Courthouse on Wednesday, June 17, 2015. (WISH Photo/Drew Blair)

BROWN COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) – Jurors will be soon be hearing about DNA evidence in a murder trial.

Hannah Wilson (Photo provided by mattmolewyk via Twitter)
Hannah Wilson (Photo provided by mattmolewyk via Twitter)

According to 24-Hour News 8’s partners, the Brown County Democrat, jurors will hear about DNA evidence in regard to the death of Hannah Wilson.

The Brown County Democrat said jurors will not see an “inappropriate” picture found on Wilson’s phone, and they said jurors might not be able to see other evidence. Some of that evidence includes video footage that shows the suspect’s car, Daniel Messel, 50 of Bloomington, driving through Bloomington and toward Brown County, where Wilson’s body was found in April 2015.

Jurors may not be able to see video footage after Messel’s attorney, Dorie Maryan, requested to exclude video surveillance that the state intended to use. The judge in the case has not yet made a decision

In addition, court documents said DNA evidence found at the crime scene does not belong to Messel or Wilson. The unknown DNA evidence was discovered in the car, on the grass and debris.

A prosecutor in the case, Ted Adams, said he doesn’t want others at the trial to suggest Messel didn’t commit the crime, and to suggest a third party did instead. He said because technology is advancing, it’s not uncommon for unknown DNA profiles to be found.

Maryan said her client has a right to present evidence related to a possible third party. She said she wants jurors to see the unknown DNA samples, in order to show that Indiana State Police did not investigate the possibility of other suspects.

Furthermore, Adams told jurors that DNA samples from Messel’s shoes, jeans, T-shirt and pullover matched DNA profiles taken from Wilson and Messel.

He requested to allow the jury to view the vehicle that Messel drove the night of Wilson’s death, and his request was granted. Adams said he wanted to show the jury the vehicle in person because evidence photos don’t show the extent of the vehicle covered in blood.

The night of Wilson’s murder five people were in contact with her, either in person or through text, including the cab driver who dropped her off.

Court documents said Wilson was in contact with three people through text the night of her murder, and had sex with a friend.

Adams said the defense team would need more than a text message if they were to argue one of those people is responsible for her death.

The trial is scheduled to start Thursday, July 28 in Brown County Circuit Court.

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