Pence to deliver biggest speech of his life

(WISH Photo)

CLEVELAND (WISH) —¬†Millions of people will be watching Governor Mike Pence as he takes the stage at the Republican National convention for the first time.

It’s showtime for Mike Pence. He will deliver the biggest speech of his life Wednesday night as he accepts the nomination to become the GOP candidate for vice president.

Pence did a walk-through on the convention stage this morning. You can anticipate that tonight Pence will tell his life story, that he will talk about political accomplishments and his conservative beliefs.

He was chosen because Donald Trump needs to reassure the far right that they will be included in the administration if he’s elected. Mike Pence is the messenger.

“I think that after his little speech people will say, hey, this is a pretty good choice,” said Rex Early, chairman for Trump’s Indiana campaign.

Mike Pence is now running for a job that could be far different than the role of any previous Vice President. The New York Times reported today that Donald Trump wants his vice president to be in charge of foreign and domestic policy as the most powerful Vice President ever.

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