Two Canadian pilots accused of flying drunk

Two Canadian pilots accused of flying drunk. (Provided Photo/CBS news)

CANADA (WISH) – Passengers on board a Canada airline are shocked, after both of their pilots are accused of flying drunk.

The two were arrested in Scotland.

Police the said the pilots were too drunk to fly from Glasgow to Toronto.

Air Transat is the airline.

The flight was delayed by an entire day. Despite the delay, passengers said they were grateful the two weren’t allowed to fly.

“It could have been so much worse. We could’ve been about something completely different if two people who are drunk are in charge of a bloody airplane. Drinking and driving is not smart. Drinking and flying an airplane is nothing short of lunacy,” Justin Ryan, a passenger said.

Other members of the flight crew noticed something was wrong and called the police.

The pilots are scheduled to be in court Wednesday, July 20.

Air Transat said it will not comment until an investigation is complete.

CNN contributed to this report.

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