Wendy’s quietly getting rid of antibiotics in chicken

This Monday, Jan. 4, 2016, photo, shows a "4 for $4 deal," at a Wendy's restaurant in New York. Another price fight is breaking out among the country's biggest burger chains, this time with meal combos designed to make people forget about the once ubiquitous dollar menus. (AP Photo/Candice Choi)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The U.S. challenge to the Anthem-Cigna deal is getting a new judge, and Wendy’s is quietly getting rid of antibiotics in chicken.

The judge overseeing the U.S. government’s bid to stop health insurer Anthem from buying Cigna, who had been seen as favorable for the deal, has relinquished the case.

The reason is up to speed on decision on the case.

Anthem didn’t comment, but a Wells Fargo analyst said it could mean a setback for the deal.

Anthem has the right to extend the Cigna agreement until April 30. The Justice Department suggested that both cases be ready for trial in February.

In other business headlines, unless you are a regular reader of Wendy’s antibiotic use and policy guidelines, you probably missed a recent update where the fast food chain confirmed that its goal is to eliminate “all antibiotics important to human medicine from chicken productions” in 2017.

The company told reuters that around half of its chicken are now drug-free and that it should complete the transition in the coming year.

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