Cleanup still underway in Brownsburg after storm

BROWNSBURG, Ind (WISH) — The storm may be over, but cleanup is not. Four days later in the Rolling Acres neighborhood in Brownsburg, residents are still buried in debris. Contractors were out in full force on Friday, making a dent, but there is still quire a bit of work left.

Chainsaws have become the new alarm clock in Rolling Acres.

“I’m usually up by 7 every morning. We had some guys out working in the neighborhood already with the chainsaws going,” Harold Staten said.

Everywhere you turn, there are still piles of tree limbs, even after days of cleanup. Staten’s home is no exception.

His roof will need to be replaced. The storm caused damage to his patio, barn and his truck. Altogether, he says it caused more than $31,000 in damage, not to mention labor.

“For me, probably about two to three weeks anyway. Because the contractors will be out here tearing the roof off, putting on a new roof. The gutters are tore up around. So they’re going to put on new gutters all the way,” he said.

Staten’s home is just one of two dozen homes in Brownsburg that sustained damage, according to Hendricks County Emergency Management director David Warren.

“Most of the damage is in the area that we’re in right now,” Warren explained. “It’s mostly tree damage and there’s some structural damage. But it’s minimal structural damage.”

Minimal damage, but not minimal work. Still, neighbors feel fortunate.

“We’re just lucky. All the neighbors come out real good,” Staten said.

Emergency management officials sa they will send the highway department out to help people who were unable to remove debris. That is expected to take place early next week.

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