IMPD to introduce walking beats in area near double homicide

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – IMPD Chief Troy Riggs says the department will step up patrols in the area near 30th and Sherman where two people were found dead Wednesday afternoon.

He said it will be an expansion of the department’s beat system. Riggs says it’s working elsewhere is the city, and says it can also work there.

Meanwhile those in the community are still reeling from the double homicide.

“Trauma, it hurts, pain, suffering, everybody has to deal with something,” said James Wilson, who went back to the scene Thursday. He’s also the founder of Circle Up Indy. “We kill each other, we get angry at each other, for what? It’s nonsense.”

Chief Riggs says the department will get to the bottom of it.

“What we need to continue to do is build that relationship with the community and as a community say we’ve had enough of this violence,” said Riggs.

The Marion County Coroner’s Office sealed off 3025 Gladstone Avenue. Police say that was the beginning of a gruesome act of violence Wednesday. Police linked this scene to the one on the 2900 block of Gladstone. That’s where a group of people found 23-year-old Mack Taylor and 24-year-old Alexander Brown dead in an alley.

“I talked to some of my neighbors and stuff, they’re scared too about what’s been going on around here,” said Stephanie Jackson, who lives on the 3000 block of Gladstone.

Dozens of officers went back to the scene Thursday for a roll call. They were also speaking with residents about how to move forward.

“It’s actually a fantastic scene and what I like to see is a lot more of the residents in the neighborhood also standing out and talking about how we can all come together,” said Otis Thomas, who also lives on the 3000 block of Gladstone.

Chief Riggs says he has hope that the department and the community, working together can reverse course.

“I do have hope I’m starting to see some trending internally that’s showing that we’re getting more and more cooperation from the community whether its in investigations or for tips if you look at some of the sweeps that we’ve done in the community the last sweep that we did was based on tips from the community. That wasn’t occurring before.

Police do not have suspect information, those who know anything are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.

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