Cincinnati pizza shop employees help revive overdose victims

(CNN Photo)

COLERAIN, Ohio (WCMH) – Employees of a Cincinnati-area pizzeria helped save two lives Tuesday after they overdosed in a parking lot.

Employees of Isadore’s Pizzeria in Colerain sprang into action after find the people unresponsive in the restaurant’s parking lot, WXIX reported.

“They were hugging like they died together. They were hugging one another. We pulled them apart and threw them back because I wanted to clear their airway,” said employee Stacy Patterson.

Patterson told WXIX she had just finished prepping the food line before seeing what was happening in the parking lot.

We did the Narcan in the nose we only had to two of them, so we gave them one each and sprayed them in the nose,” Patterson said.

The fire department confirmed they made a run to the pizzeria that morning and also administered Narcan.

Patterson said she had seen others overdose before, and has loved ones dealing with addiction.

The restaurant had Narcan nasal spray on-hand after a nurse talked with restaurant employees about drug problems in the area.